The Prevention and Therapy of Osteoporosis in Men

I. Introduction
The prevention and therapy of osteoporotic disorders in men is virtually unexplored. No substantial controlled trials of any regimen are currently avail-able. In the United States, there are no approved pharmacological therapies for osteoporosis in men. As a result of this dirth…


Hypercalciuria and Bone Disease – Primary and Potential Mechanisms of Hypercalciuria

I. Introduction
Hypercalciuria has long been a consistent finding in the majority of patients with nephrolithiasis. The advent of bone densitometric measurements has also linked hypercalciuria (Seeman et al., 1983; Bordier et al., 1977; Pietschmann et al., 1992; Sakhaee et al., 1985a) with…

Glucocorticoids and Osteoporosis – Clinical Presentation, Pathophysiology, Patient Evaluation, Management

I. Introduction
Glucocorticoid excess occurs in two clinical contexts. Endogenous hypercortisolism is the cause of Cushing’s syndrome, where spontaneous fractures, particularly of the vertebrae, were noted in the first descriptions of this condition almost 70 years ago. The therapeutic use of g…