Periodicals and news on bad breath

In this post, we suggest a number of news sources and present various periodicals that cover bad breath.
News Services and Press Releases
One of the simplest ways of tracking press releases on bad breath is to search the news wires. In the following sample of sources, we will briefly…


Books on bad breath

This post provides bibliographic book references relating to bad breath. In addition to online booksellers such as and, excellent sources for book titles on bad breath include the Combined Health Information Database and the National Library of Medicine. Your…

Psychological Aspects of Breath Odors – Halitophobia and Olfactory Reference Syndrome (ORS)

In some 15–30% of patients complaining of a serious breath odor problem, little or no malodor can be detected by the examiner either organoleptically by smelling the patient’s breath or using laboratory techniques (Quirynen et al. 2009; Seemann et al. 2006). These patients vary in t…